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This business is run by me, Georgia Hammond, with the intention of turning my passion into a job. I live and work in Dawson City, which has been my home for all of my 35 years and will be for the foreseeable future, I hope to build a business that contributes in meaningful ways to my community and our culinary culture. This business is guided by the principles I hold most dear: generosity, authenticity, and community. 

Axe & Crocus is an endeavour dedicated to exploring local flavours and colours and translating them onto usable mediums. My favourite thing about travelling has always been exploring markets and grocery stores for local flavours and products, and that's the experience I want to provide for my customers. I’m hoping to create treasures that showcase the unique terroir of my home, by incorporating them into classic pantry items and flavour profiles from around the world. I make responsible harvesting a top priority and am always seeking knowledge from a variety of sources to guide that effort. Botanicals I grow myself are grown organically, I purchase other ingredients from certified organic sources when appropriate, and I make daily efforts to be a mindful consumer at work and at home. 

I am grateful to live and work in Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in territory, I am aware that much of the knowledge I access to make my products has been learned and protected for generations by the people who first survived here. The beautiful life we have in Yukon has come at a great cost to First Nations, every person living on this land has a responsibility to acknowledge that harm and work to repair it. The Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in community is generous with their knowledge of the plants and animals that live here and I believe it is important that settler-owned land-based businesses seek it out and incorporate it into our day to day operations, without appropriating its significance. For me this means respectful harvesting, being aware of and avoiding areas of particular meaning, seeking additional knowledge wherever the opportunity presents itself, and being an active and vocal advocate for the community on whose land I live. 


I’m always happy to talk cooking, hunting, flavours, foraging, really anything to do with food, feel free to share resources or ask questions any time!

Mähsį cho

Thank you very much

Georgia Hammond 

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